Ariete Tubeless Valves Pair - 11.3 mm Diameter (11970-GOLD)

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Diameter: 11.3 mm

  • Practical And Safe 
  • It is fixed to the rim with a lock nut, therefore it cannot bend nor be expelled from the rim. 
  • It need not to be replaced every time the tyre is changed. 
  •  The angled quill reduces the effect of centrifugal force, which tends to fling the valve core outwards in a conventional valve, leading to loss of pressure in the tyre. 
  •  It completely solves the problem of access for inflation.

  • Make sure the valve housing inside the rim is of the correct type
  • Carefully clean the valve housing inside the rim (hole and surrounding area)
  • Insert the valve in the rim housing, taking care not to damage the external gasket
  • Screw the nut fully on using the correct tool (Locking torque 7:10Nm)

Diameter 11.3 mm: standard rims

Do not use an extension to the lever of the tool provided: excessive locking torque may crack or break the valve stem.If the valve is incorrectly fitted, it may be violently ejected by air pressure.